What Order to Apply Skin Care Products

BONUS- Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Guide to Great Skin
We are often asked to clarify how and in what order skin care products should be applied for best absorption. Here is our step by step daily rundown.

Step #1     Cleanser
Step #2     Toner
Step #3     Eye Cream
Step #4     Moisturizer or Daytime Cream
Step #5     Sunscreen SPF 30+

Step #1     Cleanser
Step #2     Toner
Step #3     Spot Treatment
Step #4     Serum
Step #5     Eye Cream
Step #6     Moisturizer or Night Cream

Now you know the order of application for the best skin care absorption, we’d love to share with you a yearly guide of having flawless skin EVERY DAY!

  • Wash your face twice daily   
  • Wash right after sweating
  • Apply moisturizer directly after washing
  • Drink ½ your weight in water
  • Wear SPF 30+ . Here’s one of our faves!  Joshua Tree Sun Stick 
  • Get a full nights’ sleep (7-10 hours)
  • Take cool to warm showers (avoid hot water)

  • Do an at home scrub or peel 
  • Change your sheets and pillowcases
  • Exercise at least 3 times a week (we love tracking our steps and sleep with our Fitbits). 
  • Disinfect your phone
  • Eat healthy, nutritious food and self-care with loving mantras (I fully love myself, my skin is radiant are just two examples)

  • Do an in office facial (you deserve it and it’s the only skin you get to live in!)  
  • Examine your body for changes with moles or lumps

  • Have your skin screened by a professional

by Barbara Statter - Beauty Specialist 

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