About Us:

Barbara Statter:
Barbara Statter grew up on the East Coast, and has since been migrating west. After a long stint in the Windy City she finally landed in Utah (two doors away from Maral).

Post-college, Barbara quickly rose through the ranks in Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical industry. Realizing, early in her 30s that she was more drawn to natural products than pharmaceuticals, her passion became apparent. A few years later, she left the medical industry and found HK Publishing with her partner Maral.

Barbara is an avid traveler, lover of great, flavorful, organic food, salsa dancing and natural beauty products. When she’s not outside adventuring, or eating, she is found in front of her computer investigating and learning about natural beauty solutions for the modern woman.

Nayri Ishkhanian:
Nayri Ishkhanian is Iraqi-Armenian having landed in California at the age of 15 when her family left Iraqi after the Gulf War. As the granddaughter of survivors of the Armenian genocide, she takes immense pleasure and pride in preserving her colorful Armenian heritage.

Nayri has worked as a model, fitness expert, and sales professional and in the promotional industry in both Miami and California. She knows the power of the feminine and is a huge lover of fashion, traveling to exotic spaces and belly dancing. She enjoys staying up to date and researching all of the newest trends in fashion, and natural beauty care.