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Below You'll Find Natural and Effective Ways To Fill In Your Wrinkles, Smooth Out Your Fine Lines And Look Years Younger Without Ever Leaving Your Home!

Celebrities Use These Tricks And Millions of Other Women from Over 93 Countries Have Already Changed Their Lives for the Better, Building Confidence, Showing Off Their Outer Beauty and Looking Years Younger Than Their Age.
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So... Why Don't You Already Know These Tricks?

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Below, I'm going to share with you, 3 specific and easy skincare secrets that completely transformed my skin, confidence and self-esteem. I do these in the privacy of my home and did I mention that I've never had to buy another cream or lotion again since learning them?!

First though, I want to confide in you, a few very private and personal stories of how my life hit a real low point before I was able to turn it around and how these secrets completely saved me.

How I went from someone who once had horrible skin, insecurities and knew very little about skincare, to a consultant and expert in Natural Skin and Hair care with confidence galore, by the time I reached the age of 37.

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What's Hiding In Your Bathroom Drawers?

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Hi, I'm Barbara Statter, and I started out as just a typical girl from the south suburbs of Pittsburgh, destined to be a skincare failure and mass consumer of beauty products.

Cosmetic products

When I was well into my late 20's, I was always looking for the newest, greatest and latest shortcut, to quickly hide any fine lines and wrinkles.

I had at least half of two FULL bathroom drawers crammed with partially used lotions, creams, goos and goops. How are your bathroom drawers looking :)?!

Since I'd never been taught the right way to keep my skin looking youthful and resilient, I believed the answers laid with these companies and their products.

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Sometimes A Mother's Advice Isn't Good

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My reality was that my mom didn't pass along skincare tips to me, she didn't teach me the right way. She hadn't been taught either, so she didn't know much about skincare herself.

Sleeping on back

My Grandma was extremely busy with her teaching career, husband and 6 children (yes, six!) so she rarely even told my mom any standard advice like always use sun screen, drink a lot of water, and that sleeping on your back can help prevent wrinkles.

Plus not to mention, when my mom grew up back in the 1950's there was a huge lack of reliable resources. No internet, no Pinterest, no YouTube and certainly no Google to even know how to take great care of your skin.

Even if the internet did exist, my Grandma or mom would never have had the time to sort the garbage from the good stuff.

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Photos Are Worth A Thousand Words

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My family certainly could have benefitted from any skincare advice, as we don't age very well. Deep wrinkled skin, dry red patches of skin, crow's feet, dark bags under eyes and a constant look of being exhausted. You know that look of a women when she has a newborn and hasn't slept in days, yes, that look is genetically imprinted in our DNA.

Crows Feet

If you take a look at my family photos from far enough back, we don't look too shabby. Up close, however, is a completely different picture.

Have you ever thought to yourself, wow, that photo was a little too close up and maybe a close up of my pores is not my best attribute?

Just a bit more distance might have concealed some of your fine (or not so fine) lines around the eyes, wrinkles, crow's feet, dark circles? I've thought that dozens of times.

I've always known that I take after my mom's side of the family with my auburn hair, fair skin, and freckles. I finally thought I understood, in my early 20's, my skin destiny. Oh, how little did I know!

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Since I Had Very Limited Education Around Skincare...

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I had to figure much of it out on my own which meant my first beauty regimen was, to wash my face with soap, rinse with water and go.

When I was young, I didn't give much, if any, thought to skin care. I certainly didn't realize the impact my skin would have in my life.

That was, until I was 16 and she transferred to my school...

Wait, before I go further, I want to ask you a question and yes, it's relevant!

Amazing skin

Have you ever seen a woman in real life or in a magazine who was so beautiful and had such amazing skin that you couldn't stop staring?

Maybe you'd thought, "That's NOT fair to be that beautiful" or "If only my skin was that flawless...that radiant...that clear..." then you'd get more attention, you'd be more successful, worthier of a deeper love, be more outgoing, have more of a social life, more confidence or adored by more men.

You know the kind of skin... the skin often seen in celebrity magazines? Effortless, flawless, glowing and often found on red carpets? Yes, that's what I'm talking about.

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I remember vividly (even though it was close to 20 years ago), the first time I saw someone...

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Julia Stramer

With this type of flawless and seemingly effortless skin. I quickly and awkwardly (as a high school student would) knew something was very, very different about her.

She had recently transferred to our school from California and her name was, Julia Stramer. She was popular, athletic and had gorgeous, even toned, flawless and dark skin. From where I stood, she had it all. Guys loved her, she was a great student and everything seemed to come to her with great ease.

I was envious and extremely curious at the same time.

Have you ever felt this way? Maybe you've met someone like Julia in your high school and it's okay if it's 20 or more years ago like me or college, a neighbor, a woman at work or any of the countless beautiful celebrities.

I wanted to know how I could be more like Julia and less like, pale, oily and acne prone Barbara.

At 16, I drew the connection between Julia's smooth, flawless and dark skin to her popularity. I immediately racked my brain on how I could have beautiful skin like hers. Since my mom hadn't given me much skin care advice, I knew I had to figure it out on my own.

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As I said, I am a pale, oily skinned ethnic mutt...

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With red undertones who wasn't meant to spend a long time in the sun, if you get my drift...I am pale.

But, 16 year old Barbara logic decided that the first step in towards having perfect skin like Julia's would be to tan. Because why wouldn't it be?

I continued to tan (on and off) for the next 12 years, until I was 28.

Dog and chicken

I used tanning beds in the winter and during summer I'd "lay out" (which, btw, was super cool to do). I tried to enhance my tan by using tanning accelerators like baby oil, tanning oils, and once, even Crisco. I'm embarrassed to admit that I treated myself like a Thanksgiving turkey, basting myself with cooking oils. Desiring the same tan (crispy) skin as that delicious fall favorite poultry.

Countless times I burned my skin to the point of cracking or painful blisters.

The summer between my freshman and sophomore year in college, when Baywatch was popular, I lifeguarded. Boy, did I think I was sexy. Can you imagine how happy I was getting paid to tan?

Michael Jackson

That summer I remember thinking that I'd finally made it - I was finally like Julia with my deeply tanned skin.

But truth be told, I virtually burned the skin on the tip of my nose right off. It was so horrible that I looked more like Michael Jackson than any Baywatch Babe.

I have since thrown EVERY picture of this summer away out of sheer embarrassment.

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Enter the Dark World of Plastic Surgery and Dermatology

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A few summers later, I graduated college, was offered and accepted a job in the highly fashionable pharmaceutical industry.

Plastic surgery

I was working for one of the world's top pharmaceutical companies calling on plastic surgeons, dermatologists, internists and other top specialists. As a BIG pharma sales rep I had big dreams and complete trust in the medical industry.

Many people think these types of sales reps are just young, pretty and "not so smart"... But, I disagree. I'd gamble and say I've been through over 500 training hours, passed at least 40 science based exams, completed over 100 field assessments from Directors, VPs, Scientists, CEOs and completed preceptorships with top clinicians from teaching institutes. Once, I was even nationally recognized for my work.

I was very good at my job. I was able to recite details of study after peer reviewed study claiming one product over another. I knew about products before they had commercial names like "Botox" or "Dysport" - when they were simply known as a chemical compound or by some identification like 1cie2. I was in the know about products in early trials or recently submitted to the FDA yet to be released to the market (before most doctors did).

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All in a day's work

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At work, I smiled a lot and for a while thought very little about Julia. But then after going, day after day, into plastic surgeons offices and seeing all of the beautiful women having "work" done (injections, lifts, skin consults), subtly my insecurities started to resurface and I began to pay even more attention to my skin.


I had also secretly, around this time, joined the massive consumer market. I bought every new lotion, every new cockamamie concoction that I came across that I believed would shortcut to feeling like I had beautiful, flawless skin.

Remember that drawers full of lotions, creams and goos? This was that time and I had become that girl.

I constantly began buying products believing amazing skin would help me feel good enough, pretty enough, and smart enough. More than ever I was comparing myself and my skin to most women I saw throughout the day. Envy and curiosity were constantly at the forefront of my mind.

Even though I battled my insecurities, I loved my job, saw a great deal of success and after 7 years as a rep, I quickly rose through the ranks.

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My first 7 years though were spent...

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In doctor's office after doctor's office waiting to speak with and educate doctors and staff. During this time I would study, read or chat with some of the patients waiting alongside me until one of us was called back.

Free pens

Women in the waiting room would strike up conversations with me, asking me what I sold and if I had any free pens. Everyone loved our free pens.

It was common to get into fairly deep conversations with some of these women as doctors tend to run late schedules. We'd discuss upcoming/new products, sometimes they'd complain to me about one product or procedure over another while others showed fierce loyalty to others.

Most of these women were VERY open and VERY willing to share with me the details of their visit.

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Most Women Want ONE Thing...

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The majority of women were there for only one reason: to LOOK YOUNGER when they left the office than they did when they showed up.

  • Before/After 1
  • Botox injections
  • Before/After 2

Regardless of a failing economy, I witnessed woman after woman wanting more than anything to stay youthful and were willing to pay big bucks, endure painful injections and burn treatments to do so. These women were spending thousands of dollars a year on injections, gels, topical creams, lifts, lasers and expensive cleansers, scrubs and moisturizers.

But this didn't really surprise me, because it was another company, like mine, coupled with societal pressure to look young that had convinced these women they needed to spend a lot of cash, to get the results they desired.

Just think about this...

The US average cost of a unit of a product, like Botox, is $12/unit. These injections last approximately 3-4 months, requiring injections every quarter (HELLO ADDICTION.) If you are getting an average of 45 units (which isn't uncommon for someone in their early 30's) you are spending $2,160 a year. In 10 years, that's $21,600. I'd prefer to buy a new car with that money.

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I was curious if these women spent their time, money and effort to...

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Look a certain way because they were chasing their own "Julias." Sometimes, when I felt really comfortable with a woman, I would ask her, "How'd you decide on having ____ (a particular treatment) done?"

Repeatedly I would hear some version of my own insecurities being spoken to me through these women. I would feel extremely nervous, sweat a little and feel my chest tighten with most of their stories, but I hung on to every word.

Acne scars

One woman I met, Jessica Hamilson shared, "I wanted a chemical peel, because I look in the mirror and just I'm not happy. I see a line here and one there. I have the "11's" between my eyes. I'm approaching 45 and just feel like I look old and tired ALL of the time. I wanted to try something so I felt confident again."


Another woman named, Tina Gertin confided, "My husband cheated on me with a much younger woman. I'd noticed him looking at younger women the last couple of years and then it was over. So I decided to take a couple years off my look and get some filler and Botox. I deserve happiness too, right?!"

Cathy Schnedicar, who worked in one of the offices stated it very simply, "I just want to look good. I'm totally obsessed with face creams. I don't think there's anything wrong with NOT wanting to age, do you? Look at all the celebrities, some are in their 60's and look 40. They look amazing!"

I couldn't agree with Cathy more. I realized in these conversations that there is a lot of pressure for us women to stay young, sexy and youthful. Pressure comes from all directions: our partners, celebrities, relatives, friends and people we don't even know that we pass on the street.

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There's More Pressure Than Ever to Look Young NOW

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I had been feeling pressure to look young since, well, I was young... like 23. That pressure continued to build for years. The year I turned 28, I started to see some of my close friends beginning to age horribly, way beyond their time.

Fine lines

I was also seeing a few fine lines around MY eyes. I needed to make changes. What I was doing was costing me a TON of money and not working.

I was worried that this was due to muscle recruitment. This is when wrinkles migrate from an area that is regularly treated with an injectable (like Botox/Dysport) to an area on your face that hadn't been previously treated. Crazy right? I was playing the shell game with wrinkles and lines on my face!

That was it. I decided to throw myself into learning everything I could about skincare, like I had the product, disease states, and competitors, for work.

I finally quit tanning.

Consumer cycle

I'm certainly familiar with this cycle, are you?

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The Golden Handcuffs

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Ball and chain

Finally, when I was 34, I ended a 13 year tenure in the pharmaceutical industry leaving my lucrative position as a Director.

I just couldn't do it any longer. I couldn't in good conscience, perpetuate the stories that these products were harmless without any addictive, and painful side effects.

I began to work in the holistic nutrition and health space. I could not have made a more opposite (and life changing) career move. I had left the pharmaceutical chaos and could finally see clearly...

What did I discover?


Everything I had been doing was all lie; creating marketing angles and selling those lies under the pretense I was helping people. The cost of helping people in this industry came with an insanely expensive price tag and wasn't affordable for everyone... that is NOT helping, that's just gouging people.

I felt so angry. I felt so lied to. I bought into the lies, manipulation and pressure that I helped to create.

Hook. Line. Sinker. And let me add one thing, if I could fall prey to these marketing mavens, anyone can.

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Another World of Skincare

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Around the same time that I resigned from the industry (almost 4 years ago now) I met and befriended a beautiful Armenian woman who had moved from Iraq to California, after the Gulf War. Her name is, Nayri Ishkhanian and she has an olive complexion, radiant and glowing skin, much like Julia.

Maral Ishkhanian

One night we began to talk about my 13 years in the industry working with dermatologists and plastic surgeons. I shared how I'd witnessed, first-hand, the sky rocketing increases in cosmetic surgeries, procedures, injections and spending on high cost products.

I admitted to her, reluctantly, that I had tried many of these things myself and that I was afraid of aging but I couldn't afford to sustain these expensive and addictive products for the rest of my life!

What a slippery slope it is.

Since learning about cellular degradation from chemicals, I also didn't want to knowingly infuse my skin with toxic agents anymore.

Nayri laughed.

She gently assured me that there are many countries that don't allow these types of toxic, and extremely unhealthy products. She also noted coyly, "And yet look how many beautiful women there are in the world."

She was absolutely right.

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A Huge Skincare Advantage That 99% of Us Don't Know

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Nayri had a vastly different upbringing than I did. Her family had a long history of beautifully kept women who exposed her and her sister at a very young age the importance of beautiful, radiant skin.

Maral's Mom

Her mother has five sisters. They are all beautiful in their own way. Long, flowing dark hair, flawless skin without fine lines or wrinkles and a dewy glow that even most models need retouching to have. Her mom and her aunts could be anywhere between the ages of 50-70 but they don't look older than in their 40's. I can only try and guess based off Nayri's age.

After landing in the U.S. Nayri worked in a variety of industries - all focused around beauty, youth and flawless skin.

Nayri's mom would often call and would actually ask Nayri about her skin. She'd say, "Nayri this is your mom. Are you taking care of your skin? Your skin is very important. It can make you look young, can make you look old, it can open doors, close them and create opportunities. But if you can only remember one thing, it's not the family genes that makes beautiful skin, it's the family secrets."

I loved her line, "It's not the family genes, it's the family secrets." It made me feel like my mom's family wasn't as disconnected as I thought, it was just that our family didn't have enough family secrets.

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I want to share with you THE 3 most important skincare truths I promised:

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I've made them really simple for you to remember, by calling them, the 3 E's of Looking 7 Years Younger in 7 Minutes.

  • The first "E" is your Eyes

    The skin around your eyes is a highly at risk area because the contour skin is 10 times finer than the remainder of your face. This delicate skin also doesn't contain oil glands, sebum is (the natural oil and sun protectant your body creates) limited supply, so it's critical to supplement with an eye cream. Look for creams with peptides, to battle fine lines by stimulating collagen production. Vitamin B can reduce skin discoloration.


    Vitamin B can help build up your skin's natural barrier against pollutants, toxins and UV ray, which causes most facial wrinkles around the eyes. A natural sunblock that is at least 15 SPF and UV blocking sunglasses that wrap around can prevent your eyes from squinting (which can lead to fine lines around your eyes) are critical for keeping your eyes looking young!

  • The second "E" is Exfoliate

    As we age, cellular regeneration slows down, meaning your skin is slower to shed skin cells and generate new ones. Old cells will pile on the surface of your skin, causing a look of dull, rough, dry and ashy skin. This buildup can also lead to acne and blemishes as they can clog pores and result in excess oil. By removing these cells, you allow your skin to absorb more wonderful moisture too.


    To keep your skin looking young and healthy looking a proper exfoliating practice should be done 1-2 times a week with a gentle, pH-neutral scrub that has smooth, round granules rather than jagged rough ones to avoid injuring your skin.

  • The last "E" is extra moisture

    Extra moisture

    The job of a good moisturizer is to lock water into your skin. The sheer exercise of applying the moisturizer in a circular motion stimulates improved circulation of blood, helping to boost collagen levels. Many women don't know that there are three primary types of moisturizers:

    • Occlusive - which prevent water loss in heat or wind
    • Humectants - which attract water to the skin from the air around you
    • Emollients - which fill in the space between skin cells to smooth rough and flaking skin

    Remember to look at the ingredients in your moisturizer.

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How can you tell which functional ingredient serves in the moisturizer you're using?

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Simple, I'll share with you now.

Cocoa butter

Occlusives are a sticky class of waxes, silicones and oils which coat your skin. The real OG of moisturizers (Vaseline, petroleum jelly). They contain long chain carbon atoms that repel water and create a barrier over the skin, trapping in water. A few natural examples are beeswax, cocoa butter, and Lecithin.


Emollients are like Occlusives', sweet, sexy cousin. Typically exist in the form of lotions, creams and gels and are commonly used in those because they penetrate the skin creating a soft, supple feeling. Some natural examples are plant oils like, Avocado, Jojoba and Shea, Jojoba Butters.


Humectants are the opposite of both occlusive and emollients. They attract water due to their chemical structure of an oxygen and hydrogen aton, while the previous two do not play well with water. Some natural examples are Glycerin, seaweed, algae and pro-vitamin B5.

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So there you have it!

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So, are you tired of looking old or noticing fine lines and wrinkles? Have you spent more than you feel comfortable on products in the last few years? Maybe you are worried about being addicted to the costly procedures, or injections (yes, this is a real word I didn't make it up :)). If you answered yes to any of these, I have one final suggestion for you.

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I'm sure you feel the pressure to look young though and...

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As Nayri and I were heavily investigating and talking with everyone and anyone who was willing to give us a few minutes of their time and expertise, we realized they seemed to know a lot about one area, but there was NO one comprehensive source that included the top natural beauty secrets from around the world.

We could not find one expert in well kept, effective family secret skincare, at least the kind we were looking for.

At the same time, it became quickly obvious that the pressure to stay young has hit virtually every woman - none of us are immune. Between magazines of celebrities, TV, advertisements; 50 is the new 30, 60 is the new 40 and I believe according to Hollywood, you're finally allowed to have a just a few wrinkles around the age of 90!

In recognizing we all feel this pressure now to stay young, we really wanted to find a library of ALL of the BEST family secrets! The recipes, the tips, the secrets, the information passed down from generation to generation that kept women looking amazingly young from around the world.

Girl and Grandmother

After all it's not the family genes, it's the family secrets, right?!

We knew there must be thousands of nonnas, gigis, granmothers, abuelas and bunicas, just like Nayri's from around the world who have been sharing their homemade natural skincare secrets passed down to them.

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These "Better Than A Spa" Treatments Cost Pennies

Bottom triangle

Nayri and I sat down and had a long and heartfelt conversation about the work we'd been doing. We laid everything out, literally, my apartment floor was a disaster :).

We took all of our notes on recipes and treatments that were similar to each other from various regions and started stack ranking recipes based on the data we were compiling: ease of use, affordability, efficacy (effectiveness), outcomes, how did the women using these treatments actually look.

When it was laid out in front of us, staring at us, we started to really feel like we had so much amazing information it REALLY WAS our responsibility to share it.

Now, there was absolutely an overwhelming amount of great information in front of us, along with... fear.

Fear that Nayri and I talked openly about. Remember, we aren't writers or scientists, we're just two normal women who are passionate about natural beauty and skincare who have spent an exorbitant amount of time studying, testing and separating the great from the junk.

Speaking of junk, there were a couple of recipes that definitely made it into our trash. Some of them turned out too watery and weren't sticky enough to stay where they were supposed to and others were like little pebbles - imagine trying to stick a pebble to your face - FAIL.

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A Beauty Book For Women Of The Best Kept Family Secrets From The 10 Regions Of The World, As Well As A Few Of Our Own

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Like I'd said before, we'd never thought of actually putting the pieces together and creating a skincare book with all of the information, treatments and data we'd been researching and collecting.

Happy woman

We were selfishly doing it for ourselves. We wanted to look young, the natural and right way. We wanted to know all of the best secrets of ancestors from around the globe. 

We continued to be astonished with the feedback that we received from friends and family for the little bits and pieces we had shared, constantly hearing things like, "wow, that was awesome I wish I'd know about a lot of this stuff 10 years ago."

Or, "I absolutely had a blast last weekend with my girls, playing spa day with those treatments you gave me, which I might add didn't cost a thing! My husband even asked that night what was different because I looked 'SO HOT!'"

One of my favorites simply said, "I certainly could have spent hours and hours on the internet, wasting my time and money trying these out, so thanks for doing it for me and allowing me to not waste any of my money and my time." These are our real friends, keeping it real...

Slowly our fears faded and we knew we were making the right decision in sharing all of our work.

So after over 13 years of working in pharmaceuticals plus the combined effort Nayri and I made in studying aging, wrinkles, and fine lines, we are finally ready share all of our research and tested and retested recipes with you.

Mom and baby

As a result of what we've already shared, we have heard from women all over the world on how amazingly effective these family secrets are, how much money they are saving and how happy they are to be avoiding the potential risks and pain from procedures just by using PROVEN beauty solutions that have been used by millions of women!

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And did we mention that almost everything you need to restore you skin is ALREADY sitting in your kitchen?

Bottom triangle

Yes, these family secrets use common ingredients you probably already have!

We put all of this together, in our first book, Natural Glow which is the result of years and years of all of the work we've done and women from all over the globe are raving about it.

Natural Glow

Natural Glow is for any woman who...

  • Does NOT want to grow old gracefully
  • Does NOT want to spend thousands of dollars for the rest of your life on expensive products.
  • Does NOT have the time or money to spend on spa facials weekly
  • Does NOT want to fill your face/neck with toxic chemicals.
  • Does NOT have a skincare mentor

Or any woman who...

  • Wants to tighten loose skin, or wrinkles in your 20's or 30's or 40's
  • Has crow's feet or smile lines
  • Has acne and hasn't been able to get rid of it
  • Ever had or has a friend who gets all the guys, is more popular, or is more desirable than you
  • Tanned or smoked in their life
  • Wants to look young way past the traditional years of "youthful beauty"
  • Notices unwanted wrinkles before your time
  • Desires to be more attractive

Remember, it wasn't too long ago and I was in your place. I know exactly what you're going through. I hit a low point in my life and desperately needed help. I felt ashamed, worthless, despair and hurt. I was spending so much money on products that simply weren't giving me the results I desired.

So now after applying all of the secrets we learned while creating Natural Glow, I am 37, almost 38 and am often asked if I am in my 20's. The same with Nayri.

We are often hit on by inappropriately young men. We are approached by women, friends and strangers alike and asked what our secrets to looking so young are.

Nayri and I recently went to the new dermatologist together to have some moles looked at and he was shocked to learn we are in our late 30's.

I rarely think about Julia anymore. Honestly, I have no reason to. I have created and used the techniques that we've researched from around the world to have beautiful skin that is radiant and glows!

I am living my dream life with a great man, great friends and an amazing career I'm proud of.

I look young, I feel great and I'm just grateful for the journey that brought me to this day.

After years of research and compiling all that we have learned, we are finally ready to share this with you!

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The Price of Beautiful Skin

Bottom triangle

With all of my experience in sales, management and marketing. I knew how inflated and expensive are a lot of the products on the market. Rarely do people realize the real costs associated with these short term solutions.

Average Cost of treatments:

Average cost of skincare

Are these the prices we must pay to have the skin you always dreamed of?

To have the type of skin that Nayri and Julia have?


Top triangle

Inside Natural Glow You'll Discover:

Bottom triangle
  • Natural Glow Our ONE, EXCLUSIVELY sought-after trick that helps reduce wrinkles and takes LESS THAN 5 minutes to prepare, apply AND is LESS THAN $.10 per use (wayyyy less than a trip to the Medspa), leaving you looking as though your dewy, glowing face just stepped out of a 1 hour expensive, professional facial (minus the $100 pricetag)
  • Secrets from the most beautiful women from around the globe
  • Blends used for centuries by royalty, celebrities and the sexiest women to keep necks and hands looking young and fabulous
  • How to greatly reduce the wrinkles you have now, and how to dodge future fine lines and age spots
  • How SIMPLE ingredients, you probably already have in your kitchen, could SAVE YOU THOUSANDS of dollars on looking younger
  • And much, much more...

Sarah R., 36

Backbone of a Family of 5

Finally! A complete book of all-natural tested natural beauty secrets. I am so happy that Barbara and Nayri have done the finding and testing of recipes to compile a user-friendly guide to natural, chemical-free hair and skin care.


Heather M., 32


"A well written book with great information and recipes for the face and body! I loved the recipe for dry and aging hands! Two simple ingredients made my hands feel silky smooth. It also reduced the redness from the harsh cold winter."


Becky E., 41

Registered Nurse, Writer, Mother of 4

Not only have these treatments reduced the fine lines around my eyes but I was able to do these for free, as I already had the ingredients in my kitchen! My skin feels firms and smooth. My hands no longer look or feel dry, and as a nurse this is a common problem. I can't wait to share Natural Glow with my friends who commonly get "injections," they are going to love me for this!


Christina L., 36

Flight Attendant

"A great way to treat yourself to a spa day in the comfort of your own home! I was able to find all of the ingredients right in my kitchen. I did the scrub from India followed by the mask from Puerto Rico. The scrub exfoliated my skin and left a slight warming sensation after I washed my face. The mask was a delightful combination that soothed my skin after the scrub and left my skin soft and glowing!"


Kelley H., 37

CEO Wellness Bakeries

Like most women approaching 40, I find that my lashes and brows just aren't as thick and glossy as they once were. While I know there are "prescription" treatments for this (Latisse, I am talking to you!), I refuse to expose my body to the harmful hormone disruptors these products contain. When I read Natural Shine, I was so excited to discover the "CA Hair Growth" formula. I bought the ingredients from my local health food store and started applying to my lash line and eyebrows nightly. Within two weeks much of the sparseness in my brows had already filled in! Best of all this two-ingredient hair growth serum cost me under $10 and will last me at least a year. Thank you Barbara and Nayri for this awesome natural beauty tip. It alone was worth the cost of the book!

Add to Cart
Nothing will be rebilled on this offer, ever. This is a ONE-TIME shipping charge, and NOT a "free trial". This book is truly 100% free!

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Act NOW and Receive ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

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Once you see and feel how amazing your skin is, you'll start wondering about your nails, your lashes and and start to take other steps to improve your life...

Nayri has taken care of you. While I was out at the gym the other day, Nayri the little minx that she is, put this extra special COMPLETELY FREE Bonus of other Natural Beauty Secrets.

Bonus Beauty Recipe

So for when you're ready to get started on your lips, nails, teeth, lashes, eyebrows and more, Nayri has put everything together for you in her VERY special, super sexy (that's sooo Nayri) BONUS BEAUTY RECIPE BOOK!

Free gift

Secret Tips On:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Removing Nail Stains
  • Thickening Your Eyebrows And Eyelashes
  • Fixing Callused Feet
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One Last Word From Nayri And Me

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We know how easy it is to not take care of ourselves as women. We often put everyone in front of ourselves. We sometimes barely have time to brush our hair (sometimes we don't).

It's too easy for time and years to slip by while we still manage to neglect ourselves.

A few lines are added, a few more deepened there and we tell ourselves, "I'll take care of my skin next week, next month, next year"... and it never happens.

Allow us to love you until you fully love your skin and yourself. 

It's your time now! You deserve all the happiness in the world and we're here to help you realize that! It all starts with beautiful skin that has Natural Glow!


Barbara and Nayri

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Here Are A Few Questions I've Received

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If you still are reading this, it means you still have a few questions. So, we're here to answer ALL of your questions before you order today, because we firmly believe you just need to know the family secrets to have it all and start looking younger today.

Here are some of the questions we've been asked by people we've shared Natural Glow with:

Barbara, you mention "recipes." Is Natural Glow a diet?

We easily understand some women might read the word, "recipes" and assume this is for food and possibly a diets. Although all of the recipes are edible, some extremely delicious, all of these treatments are for external use. The recipes we choose are used in the very specific combination and designed to work in synergy with your skin, regardless of your type to create youthful, radiant skin.

There is large section, "The Magic of the Ingredients" which includes some healthy nutrition tips but we stick to what we really know well.

Barbara, how much money can I expect to save using the information in Natural Glow?

That can vary from $10 a month to over $1000! It depends on your current regimen or how much you decide to "spa" after applying the information from Natural Glow. Most women cut out a cream here and a lotion there which is around $25-$150 per month.

We wanted to make this FREE for everyone, and using the most affordable, inexpensive ingredients (most you already have at home) in these unique combinations, Natural Glow is absolutely, the least expensive and most comprehensive skincare solution in the world.

Barbara, I'm not ready to throw out my full drawers of cream/lotion/shampoo/treatments, can I use them with the Natural Glow System?

Absolutely! More than likely you'll find that you no longer want to use them. When I stopped using a lot of the products from my two drawers full of ½ empty products, I gathered them all up and asked my friends and family members if they wanted them. I was finally able to clean out those drawers, and darn it felt gooood!

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Now, let's get you started today down the path to reclaiming your most youthful Natural Glow for FREE!

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Nothing will be rebilled on this offer, ever. This is a ONE-TIME shipping charge, and NOT a "free trial". This book is truly 100% free!